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Features musical antiques, gramophones, phonographs, music boxes and other mechanical sound devices.

Relaxing café dedicated to the memory of the inspiring Josephine Baker.

Concerts, parties, dress up
in authentic period clothing,
private & special events.

This museum comes to life thanks to the support of artists, artisans and cultural personalities from Yucatán and abroad. Our most sincere recognition goes to, in alphabetical order:

The Casa MOdeOn Museum, located in the heart of Merida, Yucatan features musical antiques, gramo-phones, phonographs, music boxes and other mechanical sound devices.

Housed in a historic, lovingly restored 1896 Art Nouveau townhouse, this private collection shows the fascinating development of the mechanical music industry from 1820 to 1930.

The museum is ideally located in Merida’s Centro Historico, just two blocks from Santa Lucía Park, not far from the Remate and Merida’s main boulevard, Paseo Montejo. Special Tribute to Josephine Baker (1906-1975): Her multi-faceted life inspired many — particularly women and people of color. She was a performer, civil rights activist, member of e French resistance, animal lover, French Airforce lieutenant, and a mother of 12 adopted children.

Her dedication to human rights and freedom in all forms has sparked celebrations around the world — to pay tribute to her and to shine even more light on the continuing struggle for equality and human dignity that is in such focus today. She carried an ideal of mankind. She fought for the freedoms of each and every person. Her cause was that of universalism. Emancipation against discrimination. She fought for dignity.

The name Casa MOdeon is a fusion of cultures and influences, with the ‘M’ representing the vibrant culture of Merida and ‘Odeon’ having Greek origins referring to a building designed for musical performances.

The name encapsulates the venue’s purpose, which is to bring people together and appreciate arts, music, and culture in an exceptional setting.